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Years of electrical experience and multiple management and field positions held by our team members allow the knowledge and skill to serve our customers on multiple levels.

Our projects range from small and simple to extremely large and complex.

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  • Third Party Title 24 Lighting Control Certifications (NRCA)

  • Provide proposals for Title 24 Lighting Control Certification Services

  • Review drawings for Title 24 Lighting Control Code Compliance

  • Assist in writing RFI's, related to Title 24 Lighting Control Compliance issues.

  • Assist at the beginning of the project, to install right the first time.

  • Answer Title 24 Lighting Control questions

  • Value Engineering / Cost Savings options for Title 24 Lighting Control Equipment

  • Design Build Services to assist with Title 24 Lighting Control design.

  • Title 24 NRCC forms required for Plan Check/Permitting

  • Assist the Electrician with the Building Department Installation forms (NRCI)

    Why Electrical Contractors Partner With Us…

Field Consulting, Coordination, and Education…

We are available 24/7 to assist you. A published list of compliance issues and review will be provided.

Want to know about Title 24 Lighting Control Code Compliance?  Call us to schedule a Lunch and Learn for your team.

Title 24 compliance forms


Forms we assist with -

NRCC "Non-Residential Certificate of Compliance" (At the beginning of the project, these forms are required for Permitting and Plan Check)

NRCA  "Non-Residential Certificate of Acceptance" (At the end of the project, these forms are completed by KIBO Energy Services as the Title 24 Lighting Control Third Party Certifier)

NRCI  "Non-Residential Certificate of Installation" (At the end of the project, these forms are required from the Electrical Contractor and KIBO will assist, if necessary)

2016-NRCI-ELC-01-E - Electrical Power Distribution

2016-NRCI-LTI-01-E - Indoor Lighting

2016-NRCI-LTI-02-E - EMCS Lighting Control System

2016-NRCI-LTI-03-E - Line Voltage Track Lighting

2016-NRCI-LTI-04-E -Two Interlocked Lighting Systems

2016-NRCI-LTI-05-E - Power Adjustment Factors

2016-NRCI-LTI-06-E - Additional Video Conference Studio Lighting

2016-NRCI-LTO-01-E - Outdoor Lighting

2016-NRCI-LTO-02-E - EMCS Lighting Control System