Title 24 - Part 6 | The Basics

What is Title 24 – Part 6??

California requires Title 24 energy standards.

 We wonder …"what is Title 24, why do I need a Title 24 energy report certification for my project?"

 In California the Title 24 energy standards address energy efficiency of Commercial and Industrial buildings.

 Energy efficiency reduces energy costs, increases reliability and availability of electricity, improves building occupant comfort, and reduces impacts to the environment.

 Efficiency standards are necessary for California’s energy future!

In 1978 the California legislature enacted the Title 24 energy standards.

The standards are contained within Title 24, Part 6 of the California Code of Regulations.

Energy Savings and Title 24 – Part 6 

The goal of the California Title 24 energy standards is the reduction of energy use. This is a benefit to all.

 By saving on energy costs. Californians have a more secure and healthy economy, the environment is less negatively impacted, and our electrical system can operate in a more stable state.

 The 2008 2016 Title 24 standards are expected to reduce the growth in electricity use by 561 gigawatt-hours per year (GWh/yr) and reduce the growth in gas use by 19 million therms per year (therms/yr).

 Electricity Reliability, Demand, and Title 24 – Part 6

Buildings are one of the major contributors to electricity demand.

We’ve learned during past California energy crisis, and the east coast blackout in the summer of 2003, that our electric distribution network is fragile and system overloads caused by excessive demand from buildings can create unstable conditions.

Blackouts disrupt business and cost the economy billions of dollars.

Since the California electricity crisis, the Energy Commission has placed more emphasis on demand reductions.

The 2008 2016 Title 24 standards are expected to reduce electric demand dramatically.

Like energy savings, demand savings accumulate each year.

Since the 1990’s it was projected that California’s energy needs would increase at a rate of 7% per year.  Because of Title 24 – Part 6 Energy Conservation requirements the energy needs per year have remained flat.

Because of Title 20 – Article 4 and Title 24 – Part 6 we have adverted the need to build (12) new power plants in California.

A 600 mega-watt fossil fire power plant costs $2 billion dollars each with many, many years of environmental impact studies and construction.

If the rest of the Nation does not emulate California’s Title 24 – Part 6 it is anticipated 440 large plants will need to be built before 2030.